London’s Green Bin Program Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

London's Green Bin Program


The City Engineer Company is operating in London and is dealing in the waste management. The managing director of the department of environmental and engineer services of the company presented a project that the organization should invest in the green bin program. It is expected that the green bin program would help to increase the collection of the organic waste which could be used for composting facility directly.

However,London’s Green Bin Program involves significant initial investment and also seeks the contribution from the waste producers that may help to collect the organic waste at source.  It might be difficult for a metropolitan city like London where mostly buildings are multi residential and corporate offices. Apart from this, there is a significant initial investment required for the project and the benefits incurred from the facility are difficult to quantify.

In addition to these factors, it is expected that the green bin program is expected to be funded by the residents in the form of increase in tax payments, increase in tax payments from last few years is the most debated issue among the residents. Also, it might be difficult that they would agree for the green bin program.

Therefore, it is expected that if the green bin program may proceed in the future, then it could be financed from other projects like snow removing from the road sides and free parking. Hence,the financing of the project is also the biggest problem in current scenario and there is a probability that the increase tax payments may not be the choice frompoliticians and they may be reluctant to go for the project due to the forthcoming elections.


The project is expected to be funded by the tax payments of the local residents, which would add the tax amount of dollar of each home owner. It could be a very small amount for some home owners and they will not be bothered about  it however,it could create problem for some home owners and they might not agree for increase in tax amounts.

Currently, the government has a mission to reduce the tax payments although the tax amounts increased from 2.5% to 3% last year however,the government announced that the tax amounts will be reduced in future and the increase in tax will oppose the government’s stance.

The project is publically financed and the major stakeholders are government and public.If the governments impose the additional tax on the public forcefully, then there will be serious problem for the government and politicians as they will be unable to get sufficient votes in forthcoming elections.

In the current scenario,if the government goes for the green bin program without increasing the taxes, then it is expected that it will be financed from the other project like snow removing and free parking. There could be a serious threat to the image of the government if it discontinues the projects of snow removing and free parking because these projects are the real need of the people of London and any disruption in these projects will question the government’s performance.

Currently, the waste management is done through landfills which is the cheap method of waste management and is successful from several years. However,when the organic waste comes into contact with land then it emits the green gases, which create pollution and produce bad smell in the environment.

The green bin program will collect the organic waste at source and it is expected that it will help the company to separate only 15% of the organic waste from 40% and there is a possibility that the waste might not contribute in the waste separation due to certain reasons..........................

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