The golf industry in Canada was large and growing in 2008. The total revenue derived from the golf industry was projected to be $12.9 billion dollars. The spending was spread out over a variety of areas, the largest of which was green fees at $7.25 billion or 59 percent of all expenditures. Golf equipment, golf apparel, and golf travel were the next three largest costs, each accounting for 13 percent to 18 percent of the total industry. The golf participation rate in Canada was 21.5 percent of the population, making the total market of close to 5.95 million people.

The golf industry in Ontario was the largest in Canada, with a total number of golfers of approximately 2.3 million 2 in 2006. Ontario also had the most golf courses with over 800 courses 3 to choose from. In general, green fees had stayed flat over the period from the mid-1990 s until 2008.


The golf industry had publicized most significant changes during the last 50 years. There had been a histrionic shift in the form of golf courses that were actuality opened. In 1950, the percentage of private clubs was increasingly dramatically, and the private industry was 62 percent that is the huge percentage but by 2005, the golf industry is changing their behavior, and there is a significant shift in the industry of golf because the golf private clubs had changed dramatically and this industry in decrease from 67 percent to

This is an organization also play a vital role in the industry of golf and operated in only 27 percent that is a big difference in this industry and is about 40 percent this industry is decreasing. The Canadian industry followed a parallel development in the direction of smaller quantity in a private clubs and increased the public sector clubs.

But in this industry, the computation is also increased and may public, and private sector companies want to enter in this industry, and many already exist in this industry. And the company already existing in this industry is play a significant role and have a big share in this industry.

Club link Corporation

The best and different courses related to golf and also giving some of the other facilities in this industry. This industry is also concentrating on its major operation in major urban centers in Canada. By November 2007, Club link owned 39 18- hole golf courses and seven nine-hole golf academy courses and also some of the resort as well. But these resorts are made up of some revenue of this industry and that small part of the income is about 9% of the total of the revenue, and this industry gives just 9% of the total 91% of the revenue.

This company is also going to increase their revenue from providing the one membership with a limited period of access. From this operation, this company increased in growth dramatically in 2007.This company operating margin in 2003 is about 21 percent and in 2004 their margin increased from 21 percent to 23 percent but the operating margin of 2005 in also the same as 2004…but its revenue growth of 2003 is 10 percent that is decrease in 2004 and 2004 the growth is about 6 percent and in 2006 the growth is increase from 6 % to 7 % and in 2011 the growth revenue is increased dramatically from 7 % to 11 % and the increase is about 4 percent.


  North Billington Golf and Country Club is a private golf club. It has some different sector in their business it has many club houses halfway house and restaurant and many other companies as well. It was a wonderful 18-opening office with a clubhouse, shelter, and eatery. North Billington had been in operation for almost 50 years, and it play a vital role in this industry, and it had an extremely solid name and notoriety in the golf business. The course ordinarily kept up a participation base of roughly 500 individuals...................

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