Lisa Benton Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

A. Strengths and Weak nesse so f the Two Jobs

Lisa Benton graduated with a degree of MBA from Harvard Business School (HBS).Lisa had two clear selections between two jobs: First, As a Director of marketing at Right-Away and the other as an assistant product manager at house world’s Home Care Division.

The strengthassociated with Right Away is the offer of the salary package which is higher than the House world. Lisa is already familiar with the company and her coworkers because she did a summer internship program in Right away stores. She did very well during that tenure.

She gave a roll up your sleeves approach that won people over and built honest relationships with the employees at all floors. The demerit in choosing Right Away is Lisa’s lack of self-confidence to manage the huge marketing responsibilities, even though she has the ability to manage different tasks. She thinks that there would be no long-term goal and that she would not learn much from it because it is a small company.

One of the merits associated with the second job offer is that House World is a large company which has many departments. Lisa thinks that if she accepts a job from this company, then she can start from entry level and build up her career and achieve long-term goals. However, the weaknesses sub due the strengths. She has been frustrated and dissatisfied with the job in House World because of the lack of responsibility, poor relationship with her boss and coworkers, lack of leadership skills and no utilization of her own skills. Many conflictsaroseonthe job between Lisa and her associates. Also, there is a deviant workplace behavior in the company.

B. Lisa’s Sources of Power

Reward Power: Lisa has there ward power because she builds a good relationship with her peers, which is the best part of her relationship with her organization. She can easily get along with the people in Right Away during her internship. Reward power will help her in generating some benefits.

Communication Power: Lisa has good communication skills. Jack Vernon recognizes that she has the ability to solve problems while communicating with others. He thinks that by her communication skills she can build a positive relationship with Linton. Apart from this,she has negotiations skills with coworkers as well.

Analytical Power: Lisa has an expertise in analytical, intellectual, and interpersonal skills. She is very dedicated and passionate about her work, but so far she has not gotten the opportunity to utilize her skills.

Expert Power:Lisa has Expert power and the ability to express her abilities in making better opinions. Although Linton blocked her development to expert power, but she has developed a method to use her expert power over Linton and Scoville.

C. Relationship between the Boss and Co-Workers

There are numerous conflicts that arise and damage the relationship of Lisa with her boss and co-workers. The reason is that there was a strained relationship between them. Lisa’s skills were underutilized, and poor performance evaluation from her boss and associates.

She became de motivated after getting a negative performance review from her boss. She is of the view that she cannot prosper in this company because she will not be allowed touse her full potential, skills, knowledge and abilities. She did not get a chance to have marketing training which is most important for an employee at initial stages.

D. Lisa’s Opportunities

Jack Vernon suggested Lisa to use her communication skills to build positive relationship with Linton but she did not use this opportunity to solve her conflicts. She could also use her analytical skills to impress others, but she thought that it was early to make presentations. Lisa got the project of Pure and Fresh which seemed like an unnecessary consumer product. She can use her skills and different marketing strategies that not only help in completing the task, but also to make this product necessary for consumers. Searching about the consumer behavior and utilizing these ideas in the project would make it more effective.

Lisa Benton Case Solution

E. Job Evaluation

Linton has some misunderstanding about Lisa. She thinks that she lacks in confidence and does not have strong skills to carry out any project because she doesn’t give her opinion when they have meetings about the project. Linton assumes that her lack of motivation is what has led to the negative evaluation about Lisa. Linton does not involve Lisa in the challenging task so that she cannot develop her expert power..................................

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