LinkedIn Corporation, 2012 Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

The LinkedIn Corporation is among one of the largest professional network service providers on the internet around the world. The current strategy of the company is to connect and join the professionals all around the world in a way that make them more successful as well more productive. The company has continuous focus on expansion by providing the best and valuable services to the people around the globe. In addition to this, providing the enterprises and organizations with the opportunity to get the best talent from any part of the world is also the part of the company’s current strategy.

However, it faces huge competition from the other companies competing in the industry, which threaten the company in terms of revenue and market share. The potential competitors of the company include Facebook, Google+, Google and Twitter. The company is ahead of its rival as it is providing the services to its customers, which are new and innovative in order to reach the more potential users globally. The company provides different types of products and services that include its marketing solutions, premium subscriptions and hiring solutions, which differentiate it from its competitors in the market as well as help the company to attract more users.

The constant focus on the company since its beginning was to provide the best enterprise solutions to the different types of users in order to meet their various needs by adopting the most suitable strategies. Moreover, each competing firm has developed themselves into growing companies with the continuous focus on the innovation as well as on increasing the product line. In addition to this, there is not much threat to the position of the company as it has dominating position in providing professional solutions and also it is the most preferred professional connection platform. The competitive advantage of the company seems to be sustainable as it is in a better position due to its strategy of international expansions.

 The key resources are the skills and expertise of its employees,whereas the core competencies of the company include its ability to innovate and to expand its services internationally. There are also several opportunities in the market for the company in order to maintain its position as well as to compete with the other players. The company can make more expansion into the emerging economy and also to develop different marketing programs in order to target potential users. Moreover, the company needs to improve its advertising activities,which are not that much compatible with the services that it is providing as there is a large area of improvement in its advertisement side..........................

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