Power Play (A): Nintendo in 8-bit Video Games Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Home video-game industry began in 1972 with the founding of Atari. After riding the dramatic ups and downs in the early 1980s, most of the players have left the business. Nintendo of Japan then rebuilt industry - building team in the world position by the end of the decade. By 1990, the Nintendo game could be found in one out of every three households - in Japan and the United States. Stock market value of the company exceeded Sony and Nissan. The case describes the steps, Nintendo has taken to achieve this success. Also covers the U.S. antitrust investigation Nintendo. "Hide
by Adam Brandenburger, Julia Roy, Monique Burnett Source: HBS Premier Case Collection 15 pages. Publication Date: February 3, 1995. Prod. #: 795102-PDF-ENG

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Power Play (A): Nintendo in 8-bit Video Games

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