Likonot Ltd. Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Janvest’s Strategy:
The strategy of Janvest is to invest only in the Israeli companies operating in the information technology sector. Moreover, the strategy of Janvest is to invest in the companies which have very positive future prospects and it also seeks to invest in companies which spend huge amounts on research and development. The investment strategy of Janvest depends on the competency, reputation, experience and expertise of the founding members of the investee. If the investee’s founders have greater experience and competency, Janvest should invest significantly high funds in the company.
Success of Janvest:
The strategies of Janvest are very effective and there are many factors which have resulted in the success of Janvest. Furthermore, due to the experience and enthusiasm of the founders and management of Janvest the company remains very successful. The times in which Janvest wasformed were very difficult for almost all the businesses especially the investors who incurred significant losses in that period. The consequences of the economic recession could be seen until early 2015, the unfavorable business conditions didn’t affect the returns of Janvest. Given the level of increment in the returns of Janvest it is concluded that the venture capitalist firm is very successful.
Why Janvest achieved such success:
The main reason for the success of Janvest isthe strategies developed by the initial founders and the enthusiasm of management and top executives. The primary strategy of Janvest is to invest in the Israeli companies operating in the IT sector.The IT sector of Israel is expanding and performing very well and by investing in this sector Janvest generates significant high returns which is the main reason for the success of the venture capitalist firm.
On the other hand, the experience and expertise of management of Janvest is another primary reason for itssuccess, the senior management of Janvest comprises of four members and all of them are from four different backgrounds.This enables them to undertake investments in four different sectors. In addition to this, two members are from Israel, they understand the business environment very well and has contributed to the success of the company. Lastly thorough analysis and study of investments have been performed prior to finalizing the investment decision from all of the senior management of Janvest which make the investment decision of company.
Analysis. of the strategies of Likonot:
The main strength of Likonot is its management, the management of Likonot is very keen and committed to expand the operations. The expertise of the management makes them the ultimate strength of the company. Apart from this the reputation of Likonot is also another strength of company, due to positive reputation of Likonot, the revenues have increased drastically.
Apart from above-mentioned strategies, there are many weaknesses of the company.The database of the company has been corrupted which makes it a very prominent weakness of the company. Moreover, the financial reserves of Likonot are minimal. In order to expand the operations, the management will needto rely on additional finance from outside sources.The pace of growth is reduced due to this unavailability of finance thus representing a significant weakness.................

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