Let the Revolution Begin! Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Subsequent to the initial foot-dragging, many Fortune 500 companies are now actively embracing Web 2.0 software. One of the imperative advantages, they cite a democracy of talents, a corporate culture of trust, increased collaboration and potential productivity gains. The Business 2.0 revolution, it appears, is finally experiencing. But revolutions are often as disruptive as they are empowering. Clearly, in case the e-revolution is really occurring, then executives desperately have to rethink how they form structure and manage their companies. In doing this, their success will determine whether they ride the crest of the revolution or are swept away by it. Attempts to restrict or control social media are useless, he says, as changing demographics are speeding the death of outmoded organizational types.


This is just an excerpt. This case is about STRATEGY & EXECUTION

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Let the Revolution Begin!

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