Lee Kum Kee Co. Ltd (A): The Family Recipe Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

IMD-3-1617 © 2005
Ward, John L.; Lief, Colleen

This two-part case series begins with the unintentional discovery of a vital dressing in Chinese food in 1888. The business; Lee Kum Kee Ltd.; was born as an outcome and over the stepping in years became a huge international business.

A case explains the advancement of the company and family from the 1st through 4th generations. Advancement of a values-based business culture; assistance of entrepreneurship and the implications of family/business crises are highlighted.

Subjects: Succession; Generational transition; Family business; Adaptation
Settings: Hong Kong; China; California (USA); Food production; Condiment manufacturing; Annual revenues: US$600 million; 1888-2005

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