Learning to Lead in China: Antonio Scarsi Takes Command Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

This case is presented in an interesting format cartoon describing the first week after Antonio Scarsi (disguised), foreign executive, takes the role of leader in the inefficient and demoralized domestic Chinese company. Although Antonio was a great experience in China, including the significant features of the language, he did not know much about this company, of which he was the only non-Chinese employees, and had never worked outside of the support network of large multinational corporations. He sought to turn the company in six months. His task is to find out about the company as quickly as possible and as efficiently as possible and to signal its intention to revive his team. This case can be used in conjunction with the body, called "Michael Fay goes to China" (IMD322). Together, these two cases on the theme "Exploring leading in China," and to encourage participants to consider a variety of learning styles and similarities by two foreign managers facing strong managerial tasks in the development of its Chinese business. Cases encourage participants to think about: 1) the that their own leadership and learning styles, as well as their consequences, and 2) that they can do to become more effective and efficient managers and students in any new assignment, and 3) how to learn from each other during the class discussion. " Hide
by William A. Fisher, Rebecca Chung Source: IMD 10 pages. Publication Date: February 2, 2007. Prod. #: IMD324-PDF-ENG

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Learning to Lead in China: Antonio Scarsi Takes Command

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