Leading With Empathy: Tarana Burke and the Making of the Me Too Movement Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Leading With Empathy: Tarana Burke and the Making of the Me Too Movement Case Study Solution

In the book Leading with Empathy: Tarana Burke and the Making of the Me Too Movement, author Tarana Burke tells the story of how she developed empathy as an executive and how she was able to turn a series of events into a powerful movement for change. Her story can teach readers about the importance of empathy and how it can lead to great success in both their personal lives and in business.

Problem Statement

Tarana Burke is an activist, social entrepreneur, and community organizer who is widely recognized for her work. She is the founder of the Me Too movement, a movement which focuses on sexual harassment and assault.

Currently, Burke is living in New York. She has written numerous books and has appeared in magazines such as Teen Vogue, The Source, and Glamour.

A former director of youth camps, Burke has spent years working to create safe spaces for young women of color to share their stories. This work led to the development of a nonprofit organization, JustBe, Inc., that specializes in Rites of Passage programs for girls of African descent.

Burke's work has also been featured in mainstream publications such as Essence, Colorlines, and Ebony. In 2017, she received the Person of the Year award from TIME Magazine.

The movement began when a young woman asked Burke to speak with her privately about her sexual abuse. After hearing her story, she realized that her journey was far from over.

#MeToo arose as a way to create a bond between survivors of sexual harassment. It has since become a rallying cry for sexual assault victims and has been used as a platform for social change. While the movement has been met with criticism, it has also made many victims feel supported and empowered.

The hashtag #metoo has been used by people all over the world to share their experiences with sexual harassment. It has been used 19 million times on Twitter.

Case Study Solution

The Me Too Movement is a grassroots initiative to end sexual harassment. It began as a tweet, but has evolved into an international movement. Thousands of women have shared their experiences of sexual abuse and mistreatment with the hashtag #metoo. This movement has become an inspiration to many, including survivors, as well as a source of solidarity.

Although the Me Too movement is a major topic of discussion these days, its creation dates back to 2006. Tarana Burke started it in 2006. She started working with girls at a 21st Century Youth Leadership Movement camp in Selma, Alabama, in 2006. While at the camp, she noticed that almost half of the girls she worked with had experienced some kind of sexual abuse or violence.

Burke realized that the message of solidarity needed to be shared by adults, too. Her goal was to bring the conversation about sexual violence to the mainstream, in order to draw attention to its pervasiveness.

In her work, she modeled a vision of a leader. During her time at the camp, she supervised safe space sessions where participants shared their stories of sexual abuse.

She also modeled the proper use of emotions. As she said, "If you want to change the world, you've got to do the hard stuff."

Time magazine made the #MeToo story a big deal, announcing that the Silence Breakers were its person of the year. They featured anonymous women from different walks of life alongside celebrities like Taylor Swift and Ashley Judd.

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PESTLE Analysis

The Me Too movement may not have gained a lot of attention in the past, but it's certainly made a splash in the social mediasphere. And it's not just the ladies of the internet who are talking, either. Many high profile figures are making waves as the scandals continue to brew.

For instance, New York governor Andrew Cuomo is under investigation for allegations of sexual misconduct, but he has yet to come out and say what he is guilty of. Other high-profile figures have been accused of the same. But one figure in particular stands out: Tarana Burke, who started the MeToo movement a decade ago. She has spent her career fighting back, and it's clear she's a woman on a mission.

In addition to launching the MeToo movement, Burke has also been a leading light in racial and gender equity efforts. From her days as a student leader at Alabama State University to her latest gig as an advisor to the White House's Office of Faith-Based Initiatives, she's had a hand in shaping the policy landscape in the nation's capital.

In her spare time, she's also a shrewd businesswoman and philanthropist. Burke is currently putting the finishing touches on a philanthropic documentary on the history of Selma, and is still pursuing her passion for human rights. Among other achievements, she was part of the winning team that defended the "Salute the Flag" parade, and she's made her mark in a number of other fields.

Financial Analysis

During the MeToo movement's five-year anniversary, we take a look at the financial and cultural impact. It's also a good time to reflect on the work we've done and what we've left behind.

For example, we've got to acknowledge that women on Wall Street have been kissed, propositioned, and grabbed. And we have to thank a woman named Tarana Burke for starting the MeToo movement in the first place. We've also got to applaud the many firms and institutions that have implemented initiatives to improve the workplace for women.

The best part is, it's not just the female employees that are benefiting. Thousands of men are being held accountable for sexual harassment allegations. And we've seen hundreds of powerful men lose their jobs.

The #MeToo movement may have had a few glaring omissions. But despite its shortcomings, it's been a worthy endeavor. After all, the hashtag has been trending all over the Internet. As a result, it's had a massive effect on the financial industry.

What's more, the #MeToo movement has spurred many firms to better their internal policies for reporting harassment. These policies are often mandatory and are accompanied by a plethora of other benefits, such as free 401(k) plans. This, in addition to the sexiest name in town, is what makes the MeToo movement a winner.

Lastly, we've got to take a look at the cost of harassment. A company that tolerates harassment will be punished by the market, and the costs associated with addressing this issue are likely to grow.


The #MeToo movement started by Tarana Burke in 2006. She wished to empower women who experienced sexual violence. She believed that reckoning was long overdue. It has since grown into a global phenomenon. Survivors can use this hashtag to tell their stories and join together in support.

Tarana Burke is a two-time bestselling author and a feminist activist. Her campaign for women's rights earned her the Ridenhour Prize for Courage. Along with luminaries like John Lewis and John Lewis, she is now an influential public figure.

Despite her status as an activist, she never intended to become a celebrity. At age 49, she's looking back on the work she's done. But she has become one of the most popular figures in the fight against sexual violence.

As the #MeToo movement celebrates its fifth anniversary, it's time to look back at the progress made and what's next. Here's what the leaders of the movement have to say about their successes and their struggles.

Time magazine published a double issue dedicated to the #MeToo movement. The editors wanted to include people from all walks of life and from all parts of the world. They also wanted to acknowledge racial differences.

In addition, they wanted to address sexual harassment and discrimination. To this end, they launched the "Act Too" initiative. This digital platform curates lists of events and causes and gives recommendations on how to educate yourself and contribute to the movement.

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