Managing a Global Team: Greg James at Sun Microsystem Inc. Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Sun Microsystems operates in the highly competitive IT industry. It is an IT consultant and provides hardware and software programs. Itmainly providesservers which run on Linux OS. Sun Microsystemsis considered as the leader in this industry and is known as the best server provider. To manage its day to day operations, the organization hasteams indifferent jurisdictions such as North American team located in the US, Asian team located in India, Middle East team located in UAE and European team located in France. As the organization has aglobally diversified workforce, therefore, it feels difficulties in managing the communication process and managing the cultural and regulatory requirements ofdifferent jurisdictions.
In the case, one customer of the company, HS Holding was closed for 12 hours. At Sunday the server of HS Holding failed, therefore, thecompany needed immediate help from Sun Microsystems. HS Holding dealtwiththe US team but at the time of query, Indian team gave response. The Indian team didn’t update contact information about HS holding, therefore,itdid not give appropriate response to the customers.Along with this, the issue was poorly resolved by the UAE team which caused a lawsuit against the company.
1. How well did James manage his global team?
Greg James, Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering started to work for Sun Microsystems Inc. after his graduation. After five years in Sun Inc., he received outstanding manager award from the company.James manages a team operating in four different countries U.S, France, UAE, and India. James tries his best to manage his team so that itcan work effectively.
Managing a Global Team Greg James at Sun Microsystem Inc. Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

From the following points, we can conclude the effectiveness of James in managing his team.
• 12 months earlier James employed 45 persons in his team from these 45 people 7 members are in France, 16 are in India, 11 are in UAE and 11 are in the US. In the hiring process James contacted with the local human resource center and then he personally visited the company to hire an employee. This indicates that the hiring process of James is an appropriate one and the employees at James’s team have high caliber and expertise.
• James keeps in touch with the direct reports of different countries during a weak. Along with this he also contacts with his entire team so that he can solve emerging issues effectively.James sends topic list and the issues which have to be discussed on call. This will help the staff in making themselves prepared for effective conversation and will also help in reaching towards an effective decision. Consequently, it will improve the overall effectiveness of the decision and will also improve the motivation of the employees.
• As the employees are in different countries, therefore, James tries to manage all of them ina different manner. James tries to fulfill the local labors law, vocation, salary, and others. We can conclude that James is giving his best to manage his team according to the norms of thecountries..................

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