Launching the BMW Z3 Roadster Harvard Case Solution & Analysis


            The radio jockeys chosen for this promotional approach were all screened on the basis of some criteria. They were screened on the basis of the DJ personality, the demographics of the audience and the content of the show. The DJs used very innovative ideas in the program to promote the brand and spread the word of mouth. This was the most risky element in the whole marketing plan. However, it had promoted the product message through word of mouth, about three times greater than other mediums.


            The website was launched in October 1995, which featured some of the segments of the GoldenEye movie and also a Today Show clip that featured the catalogue offer. The website also gave an option of ‘Build your own Roadster’ so that consumers could have a good feeling of ownership. This website helped the company to increase its brand equity within a short span of time. The number of hits was increased to 1, 50,000 per day from 35,000 per day. The website was also used by the Apple Corporation to use it as a reference for their advertising. Apart from this, it provided a virtual view of the product.


            Since the inception of the marketing plan, the company had focused on integrating all the dealers into the program. The company was focusing to motivate the dealers to spend on products. However, the problem was that the company was only having 150 cars, while the number of deals who wanted to display the car in their show rooms was 345. Due to this the cars were circulated. A private screening of the GoldenEye was also organized by the dealers before the release of the movie. The response of these promotions was remarkable and innovative. Altogether, this also generated publicity in the media. This element of the marketing plan was also successful.


            The Six Ms of marketing comprise of market, mission, message, media, money, measurement. BMW had made a great use of this framework through non-traditional marketing approaches. BMW had a clear mission of becoming the best rather than the biggest. It had set an objective to increase the unit sales to 100,000 units, markets were defined. It had made plans to set up the production 100% in South Carolina, USA. The message of BMW was based on the idea of providing the most luxurious, adventurous and roadster vehicle to its customers which also met the needs of a roadster motorcycle. Media had played an important role in the marketing plan of Roadster Z3. The Jay Leno show, press launch in central park and radio DJ program all had gathered media to spread the positive word of mouth. Average budget expenditure of the biggest brand was $20 million. It can be seen and measured that BMW had achieved value for money. Exhibit 1 shows that after the launch of marketing plan in 1995 the unit sales increased by 13% (94.5-83.8/83.8) from 1994 in the US and worldwide it increased by 3% (590.1-573.9/573.9).


            The company had based its entire marketing plan on the AIDA framework. The company first created attention by targeting the falling motorcycle niche market. Then, it created an interest in the public by targeting their psychographics and providing them a product that reflected their image and was accepted by people of all groups. After creating the desire it acted on the orders received. The company had created an order bank to receive the orders. This framework was applied very well under the non-traditional marketing approaches.


            The huge opening of the Bond movie of $26.2 million made the BMW roadster Z3 a far greater success. It had created a product brand image in the mind of the consumers. The brand equity of the company had also significantly increased. Each of the elements of the marketing campaign had contributed very well in the promotion of this product. The company’s sales revenue in the year 1995 had also increased in the US and worldwide, making its goal of selling 100,000 units a success. The promotional activities also had a positive impact on all the dealers. Furthermore, the company had achieved a lot by making the use of non-traditional marketing approaches as opposed to the traditional approaches. The company had allocated about 60% of the marketing budget to non-traditional marketing elements, which conveyed right message to the right audience on the right time and also the launch activity of BMW Roadster Z3 was cost effective..........................................

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