MySpace Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Case, set at the end of 2007, considering the fact that MySpace, the largest social network on-line need to do to respond to its flexible competitor, Facebook. Since its inception, MySpace has experienced phenomenal growth, the acquisition of 20 million members in its first 20 months of operation, and another 70 million a year later to become the most visited site in the U.S.. Its growth stopped around mid-2007, just months after Facebook launched its software platform that allowed outside developers to create applications that use the social network data. Many new applications on Facebook has allowed the company to increase its membership by more than 15 percent per month. To remain competitive MySpace had to release their own platform, and now must decide whether to build its own proprietary platform applications or to join OpenSocial, Google-sponsored open source platform. "Hide
by Mikolaj Jan Piskorski, David Chen, Carin-Isabel Knoop Source: Harvard Business School 22 pages. Publication Date: March 24, 2008. Prod. #: 708499-PDF-ENG

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