LAE Enterprises Corp. Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

LAE Enterprises Corp. Case Solution

Jay, an entrepreneur, had to come up with a decision as to whether sacrificing a 12-page term sheet for a stock of his preference that was readied by a prominent venture capital firm, HBS investers. The firm took part in mezzanine funding, early round markets, and seeding. Sending over the sheet to the solo professional he had hired to integrate the company he'd formed with his partner, Dr. Mark I. Tech, inventor of a revolutionary new drug delivery apparatus was also an alternate for him.

A contribution of $10,000 was made by his family and friend and equipment Jay and Mark had maxxed out their credit cards to pay the $7,500 retainer patent advise required. Time was not long, however, because Jay had assured to get back with any comments or concerns later that week to HBS Investors. He also had to decide (with or without the guidance of counsel) whether to accept the proposition provisions.

This is just an excerpt. This case is about  INNOVATION & ENTREPRENEURSHIP

PUBLICATION DATE: August 14, 2002




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