Kipling (B): An Entrepreneur In Stormy Weather Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

IMD-3-2154 © 2010
Leleux, Benoit F. ; Verweire, Kurt; Meuleman, Miguel

Mr. Meuleman had actually stopped by to reveal that his bank would stop supplying short-term lines of credit to Kipling. The Gulf War had actually made the banks tense, in certain with regard to fast-growing business needing comprehensive bank loans. The business was gradually heading to EUR11 million in incomes, the bank had actually chosen not to restore its EUR1.1 million revolving credit line.

Kipling had 3 months to look for brand-new sources of funds. Kipling as an effective, fast-growing business had requirements extremely various from Kipling, the start-up. Knowing goals: Building a brand name, globalizing a start-up business, professionalizing an innovative start-up, modes of internationalization, funding development, handling development, start-up groups and personal equity.

Subjects: Entrepreneurship; Growth management; Marketing; Brand building; Globalization; Professionalization; Financing growth; Venture capital; Angel investors; Private equity; Fashion
Settings: Belgium; Global; Fashion; Handbags; Backpacks; Euro 50 million to Euro 200 million turnover; 1991 to 1999

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Kipling (B): An Entrepreneur In Stormy Weather

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