Joe Willis: Feeling the Heat in Thailand (B) Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Sometimes the good old tried and true American business team building exercises simply do not work. Although often successful with teams of employees from different sections of the organization, what happens when a team made up of employees from different geographical areas, the U.S. and Asia, which has a number of unique differences. This case should be sent to the executive experience in Bangkok Thailand with two other managers from the corporate headquarters to clean and Team Build after the opening of financial mismanagement and a high profile shooting popular senior executive. This three-part series of cases puts students in the shoes of the financial auditor sent to try to strengthen the weakened relationships and performance at Fasco Motors in Thailand. The material describes its efforts to restore confidence in the management team of Bangkok and the difficulties he encounters working as an outsider in every way.
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by Lynn Isabella, Darcy Langlais, Gerry Yemen Source: Darden School of Business 1 pages. Publication Date: 02 May 2007. Prod. #: UV0790-PDF-ENG

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Joe Willis: Feeling the Heat in Thailand (B)

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