JOE & THE JUICE Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

JOE & THE JUICE Case Study Solution

What challenges do you think the company will face as it scales its business in the United States? What advice would you give management in this regard?

However, the company has already entered the United States but in order to increase its scale, the company has to face some challenges to retain its culture because the culture of Denmark is different from the United States. Moreover, the company has lost most of its juicers and only 10% of the workforce are core while the leftover is new. Furthermore, the company has no formal system in place to train and encourage its employees, which leads to a shortage of talent.Moreover, it is found that the punctuality is less valued among the employees of the U.S. Ban of the prepackaged or process food might reduce the profitability of the company. Ban of prepackaged or process food increases the serving timing so waiting long might dislikes by the customers and lower the numbers that they visit the bars. This might be possible that the juicer is introvert and would not like to interact with the customers. Moreover, most of the juicers are new and would not know that how to interact with the customers while preparing the order which is considered to be one of the challenges for the company while expanding in the United States.

It is recommended to the company to provide proper training to its juicers before sending them to a job that how to engage with the customers while preparing their orders, how to dress up, floor routines, in place system to train them and also keeppartiallyprepared food, which would reduce the serving time. However, the company offers partially prepared food to those customers who don’t want to wait for long and want quick services. For these types of customers, the company would also introduce online ordering of its juices and foods.


It is concluded that JOE & THE JUICE has to make enough efforts in order to retain its culture during the pace of expansion. The company is earning attractive margins. Furthermore, the company would also have to provide proper training to its employees in order to get the higher satisfaction of customers, which would ultimately impact the profitability of the company positively.........................


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