Jieliang Phone Home! (B) Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

A globally-networked group of production professionals led by Marty Cole, the case lead character, is putting effort to spread out finest practice from other websites around the world. The case assist students to analyze the implicit presumptions supervisors make in arranging work inside a factory.

The case provide a chance to check out the link in between work design and payment, and comprehend the distinctions in between payment and inspiration. The case frames the function of the basic supervisor in setting up work structures and payment systems in a specific and extremely conventional setting, one where linkages ought to be plainly noticeable yet presumptions are typically deeply buried and implicit. There are 3 cases: the (A) case explains the management view, the (B) case explains the direct labor employee view, and the (C) case information the outcomes of a staff member study that was performed on 2 production lines.

PUBLICATION DATE: February 15, 2009 PRODUCT #: 609081-HCB-ENG

This is just an excerpt. This case is aboutĀ GLOBAL BUSINESS

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Jieliang Phone Home! (B)

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