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Selection process consists of the series of steps by which the individual are screened to select the best qualifies candidate on a vacant position. The purpose of the Selection process is to select the right person at the right time to fill the various positions in the organizations. Selection is a process commencing from preliminary interview of the applicants and ending with the contract of employment. Moreover, selection process follows the recruitment process. It is a procedure of fulfilling the organizations requirement with the skills and qualifications of people.

The manager that I interviewed works for a company specializes in Human Resource Management. Mr. X is in the company from 8 years, and 5 years as a HR manager. Moreover, it is a manufacturing company, comprises of 2000 employees, 650 employees work in each shift. I interviewed Mr. X because he has well established personality, leadership qualities, and has been working in the management from 5 years. The interview designed to enable and facilitate the exchange of knowledge and interaction about the HR practices in the selection process.

The purpose of this report is to explore the selection process used by human resource manager, which include selection practices to review interview, application, and personality test, perform reference checks and requests health checks. Selection process is the paramount success for the company and its ability to retain employees at the highest quality. Selection procedure set to ensure that best person is selected on merit and selection process is free from bias and discrimination, as the company believes in diversification. According to the manager, selection process consists of the following steps, such as preliminary interview, receiving application, screening of application, employment test and employment interview, checking references, physical examination and final selection.


The basic idea of the selection process is to select the best qualified person for a job. There are several steps in the successful selection process. The time and emphasis on each step vary from organizations to another organization or from job to job in the same organization. Moreover, some organizations give importance to testing or some to the screening applications and interviews. However, this company gives importance to every step and conduct selection process effectively.

Before analyzing each step, it is important to conduct an in-depth analysis that how the company attract the candidate to apply for a job.


The company utilizes the benefits of online and print advertising, to create awareness about the vacant position. However, reaching target market and selecting right person, has become a challenging task for the organizations. The company focuses more on online advertising because internet users are increasing day by day, especially youth population. Nowadays, 70% of the youth prefer easy-to-use interface that provides them quick and useful information.Interview Report Case Solution

All vacancies of the company are advertised 70% online and 30% in print media. No vacancy can be advertised until the request to fill the procedure has been completed. The company keeps the up-to-date job description and person specifications, so that the candidate can analyze their skills and qualifications according to the job requirements. The policy of the company includes candidates receiving the best possible information, quick response to candidates’ enquiries, conduct best interview and make corrective actions if necessary. The HR department monitors the costs, expenses and response rate of advertisement (DS Chapman, 2003).


Preliminary test is the first step in the selection process. The purpose of this step is to eliminate the unqualified candidates based on the information supplied in the application form. According to the HR manager, the company conducts preliminary test through telephonic and online screening, to eliminate the unqualified candidates, and save time and money of the company. If the person is qualified enough then the company will allow the candidate to go through the next step. The basic objective of the candidate is rejecting the misfits. Furthermore, preliminary test is the also known as courtesy test and is a good public relation exercise (F Patterson, 2005).


Many job seekers spend quality time in creating, polishing, and blasting their resumes and cover letters, the purpose of the candidate to make the human manager go through their resumes. However, the human resource manager receives heaps of job application, it would be difficult for them to review all the applications, verify them and select the best one......................

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