Interview Report Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Interview Report Case Solution

  • As a team member, are there any ways I could improve?

You can improve as a team member by showing your reflection. Like whatever you suggest to others first apply them there will be ways to improve your team. Also you can communicate effectively with your team, to motivate them.

  • Anything else to add?

One thing I must say, that do not be just democratic but also be autocratic, which can make you sustainable as a leader, because flexibility is good but sometimes a leader should be a ruler to execute the work on time.


Introduction of Interviewee 1

I took interview from my brother, he is the one who know me very well, he is a student but I knew that he is mature enough to judge my commination style and share a genuine advice so the answers to my questions which can help me to demonstrate my personality and improve my communication skills.


I took this interview from my brother, because I thought he can easily and correctly define my communication style a help me for future improvements. As far as it is concerned My brother added that I’m very polite while communicating, as well as I’m good listeners which is positive point for me, further he told me that I can be a good leader because I possess qualities of a good leader. He portrayed a positive a negative colors of my communication style. I learned that how I can improve my communication style.

Introduction of Interviewee 2

The interview is taken from my close friend who has been studying with me since childhood. She has a job at a multinational company, in HR department. We both have good bonding and we are close friends. For taking the interview, I chose her because she knows me very well and is familiar of my habits, including my communication style etc. I knew she would give me appropriate answers, because she possesses rational attitude and also works in HR department where she knows how to analyze a person.


The interview is taken on my communication style and personality. The questions are asked which could briefly define my way of communication and my leadership quality. The answers which I got are positive overall. I have been given positive response that I speak gently and possess an effective communication style. I have a courteous behavior, which makes other person comfortable and feel supported while communication. Moreover, my tone is gentle and the way I speak is soft and complete, which makes the opposite person understand easily.

Moreover, the questions which are asked regarding the leadership and team player are so considerable and I am glad to know my strength and weaknesses. As the answer which is about being a leader is, I am democratic, which values and listens to others. The team can be improved if I become a role model and show the effective reflection to others, which could make them follow and perform with dedication. One thing which I personally liked about my leadership trait that I must be autocratic to sustain my team and also give them flexibility as I am democratic. Overall the opinions which I got are overwhelming and I am so happy that I got the honest answers, which can help me further in improving and polishing my communication ability. The reflection which I give to others is positive and appreciable..........................

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