Interntional Association Of Journal And Conference Harvard Case Solution & Analysis


The International Association of Journal and Conference was established by Mark Rajai in the year 2006. Itsmain purpose is to provide the umbrella for the conference and scholarly journals in the areas of technology and engineering. The IAJC serves to be the premier firm for the organizations, conferences, academic journals and for the individuals who are committed to advancing excellence in the areas of engineering and technology-related education. (Staff of INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF JOURNALS AND CONFERENCES, 2017)

IAJC plays the role of mentor; it helps theprofessional and students to find the right journal in the particular field for developing the primary or secondary research and scholarly work.

Last year IAJC organized a conference and data shows that the number of participants in the conference has decreased as compared to the previous conference.

In the previous conference, thenumber of participants was 150, but in the last year’s conference the number gone down from 150 to 70.

It further shows that the number of journal submissions has decreased at the same rate and it would decrease the profits for the IAJC as well.
Interntional Association Of Journal And Conference Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Now IAJC is focusing on increasing the number of the participants in the next conference, the more the number of participants and the more the journals would be published and this organization would be earning more profits.


Problem Statement

Data from the last conference shows that the number of participantshad decreased as compared to the previousconference.The previous conference had 150 participants but last year’s conference had only 70 participants, it reduces the number of publication, and that results in the decrement in the profit by 50%.

PEST Analysis

Political Factors

The main finding for the political factors is the political pressure and political support as well on adoption of open access publishing of journals and articles. The articles and journals published in the year 2006 and 2007 shows that there is political pressure on the open access of publishing the articles and journal.

The political pressure intends to ensure that open access publishing of articles and journals will be implemented in the higher education publishing industry. (Versloot, 2016)

Economic Factors

Economic factors are related to the prices of the old subscription-based model. The new open access model of subscription is pretty different from the old subscription model. Because of high prices of the old subscription model, the new open access model was adopted by the different journal publishers. Organizations introduce open access publishing because they no longer afford the prices, journals ask. (Versloot, 2016)

Social Factors

The social aspect also causes the pressure on the publishing industry it is mainly due to the adoption or opposition of OA. The main reason for adopting of this model is to enhance people’s confidence in traditional model (subscription model) people dissatisfy due to the high process. However, the main argument against this model is that it causes loss of revenue. Hence from this, we can conclude that the social aspect affects enormously on the confidence of the peoples in thepublishing industry. However, the adoption or resistance of OA highly depends upon other factors or dimensions such as legal and economical dimension hence the fluctuation in any dimension will affect the social dimension. From this analysis, we can conclude that the social aspect affects drastically in the publishing industry. (Versloot, 2016)........................

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