International Negotiation Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

International Negotiation

Explain how, and why, the President of Nigeria has recently aligned with Western powers.

The current situation of Nigeria is even worse than the Civil War. According to the President of the State, Goodluck Jonathan, “In a Civil War, you know which side the enemy comes from, but the challenge we face today is much more tough and complicated.” The statement by the Head of State depicts the crisis that the country is facing today because of the Boko Haram sect. Recent attacks by the group in various areas of North Nigeria on local Christian communities which is causing the exodus of Christians. Therefore, today’s situation is rather more complicated than ever before. The country along with corruption problems, lack of education, unemployment and other social issues have to face and tackle with Boko Haram who are locals of the country and have been somehow turned against the government and its rules and regulations. Basically, the group has transformed itself against the education of the West and wants to negate and restrict people from taking such education. The group basically means “Western education is sinful”, they are therefore trying to root out Western influence from the country by targeting schools, churches, security offices and government properties. The domestic terror group largely used to operate in the northern part of Nigeria before it actually expanded its reach with the help of another group namely al-Qaida in the Islamic Maghreb, the terrorist network’s affiliate in West Africa. However, the recent kidnapping of more than 200 school girls in Nigeria have actually made the government and the President to acquire help from the Western world and United Nations to negotiate and fight against Boko Haram in order to free the school girls and to actually finish this group.

To actually fight against the Boko Haram and to free the school girls, Goodluck Jonathan has asked for help from the Western world. According to the Head of State, although the people involved in the terrorist group are locals but they are strongly supported by external powers and other religious groups operating in various parts of the world. Therefore he believes that unless United Nations and other NATO forces do not support Nigeria; they cannot actually fight and overcome the problem. During the recent conference in Paris Summit, Goodluck Jonathan made it clear to the world that the country needs support and help from all European countries against Boko Haram. Until recently, Goodluck Jonathan had decided to make a deal with Boko Haram where the two parties agreed on certain terms and conditions under which Boko Haram agreed to release school girls while the government agreed to free some militants of Boko Haram. However, the President scrapped from the deal at 11th hour after meeting with Western community who were against making a deal with the group. In fact according to them, the only solution to this problem was to fight against them. Therefore Goodluck Jonathan refused the deal.

He has changed the decision because British Foreign Secretary, William Hague has offered support in all ways to the Nigerian Government against Boko Haram. In fact they have already met the Nigerian military to advice them about the future plans against the group. Other West countries have also shown their support to the Nigerian government which includes United States, Israel and France; therefore Goodluck Jonathan has requested the organization of extra troops to fortify the continuous military operations in the north east, which is a part of the nation. This movement comes in the wake of the provincial collusion to checkmate the exercises of Boko Haram in the locale and likewise reinforce the deliberations to recover the missing girls. In any case, by designating Boko Haram as being much more than an al-Qaeda substitute, President Jonathan has attempted to basically exonerate his ambushed legislature of its part in the spiraling clash. He will be dealing with issues of poor administration, systemic bureaucratic debasement and a badly restrained military, all of which ought to be fundamental to talks about Boko Haram and will now be covered in the shadow cast by the worldwide (and non-Nigerian) bogeyman.

At the solicitation of Nigeria's leader, Goodluck Jonathan and President of France, François Hollande, they sorted out the gathering which was likewise attended by the heads of state of Chad, Niger, Benin and Cameroon nations that fringe Nigeria and that have been suspicious from a very long time. The fringes among the nations are famously permeable and Boko Haram's followers have effortlessly slipped crosswise over them. "We have chosen to set up a general, local movement anticipate the medium and more term," Mr. Hollande said, noting that there will be "discernment coordination, imparting of data, centralization of means, fringe observation," in addition to different activities. The government has........................

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