International economies Harvard Case Solution & Analysis


Iran has been negatively affected with the increasing sanctions against the country. Ever since Iran has been imposed with the different economic sanctions where most of the countries have been stopped by the United Nations to trade with Iran, it has actually affected the economic situation of the country rather negatively.

The currency of the country has also faced a major decline. Sanctions against Iran have been made to stop the country from investing in nuclear plant. The sanction has also made the country stop its imports and exports simultaneously, which has again been a major setback in the development of economic and trade dynamics of the country.

Since the year 2006, the United States and the EU have been constantly putting up sanctions against the country where various bills have been passed against the country. Many international shipping, bankers, traders, agencies, etc. have stopped their dealings with the country.

Not only this, United Nations also imposed restrictions on those countries that have looked to support Iran. This has been one of the major drawbacks for the country and its people because eventually it has led to economic, social and technological crisis within the country.

The research plan would be introducing the background of the study where the reason for imposing sanctions shall be discussed briefly. The next section would discuss the sanctions that have been imposed on the country. The third section of the paper shall discuss the outcome of sections on Iran.

The comparison with other countries facing such an issue would be discussed as well. Finally, the paper would develop a conclusion where personal opinion would be developed for the topic and to find another way to research it and the future implications of the study would also be discussed in the paper.International economies Case Solution

Once Iran shall be relieved of the sanctions, the country shall be able to freely trade and improve upon its economic condition. The country as for now has been affected negatively where it has limited trade opportunities. Once the sanctions are lifted the country shall be able to import and export with all the countries of the world which shall lead to increase in the GDP. The local industries shall be able to recover from the financial losses they have been facing and eventually it will lead to profits and revenues....................

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