An Inspired Model: Oprah Winfrey Case Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Critical Analytic tasks/ results

In order to identify measures that should be taken to analyze the issues and problems mentioned above, Oprah Winfrey needs to bring awareness in the people’s mind about the importance and value of women's education and their part in the overall growth and development of the country. First of all, the management at Winfrey’s school needs to contact media agency to bring awareness and run a promotional ad campaigns to promote and motivate people to come forward. Along with that, the company needs to conduct seminars and conferences that results in bringing awareness and knowledge about the height of violence and abuse faced by the women and girls in South Africa. Further, conferences and seminars will create awareness about the role of women in the society. According to one survey, when a nation’s girls were not educated, the country experienced a slower rate of economic growth, and higher rates of fertility, child mortality and malnutrition.

From the operational perspective, the management of the school needs to make some investment in the overall infrastructure of the country as well. In addition to that, most of the schools in Africa are not functional and their conditions are extremely terrible therefore, the management should make improvements in the betterment of the overall condition of the country (McGregor, 2007).

In order to share Oprah’s vision and make people aligned with it, the management and Oprah herself needs to go for a proper strategic analysis and share that long term analysis with the critiques as well. Other than that, language has found to be the biggest hurdle in successful implementation of the project thus; knowledge should be given to people about the necessity of learning English as a professional language.


The government along with private institutes needs to take serious and strict measures to improve the quality standards of education in South Africa. In order to do that, the management along with government needs to introduce some motivational programs that are based on perks, benefits and money that motivates people to make some efforts in the betterment of the country. To manage the quality standards in the schools in Africa, the regulatory body needs to attract talented staff and especially teachers who can motivate and bring positivity in the society. In addition to that, it was mentioned in the case that violence and sex assault has been a common practice in schools. 33 percent of the rapes of female students reported in 1996 had been perpetrated by their teachers, according to a 2002 article. In addition, South African girls and women were both subject to high levels of violence, including sexual assault. Teenage pregnancy rates were high. At the same time, teen pregnancy was stigmatized, and pregnant teens were often forced to drop out of school. At an October 12-14, 2005 public hearing, the South Africa Human Rights Commission heard “accounts of teachers taking advantage of their positions of authority and coercing sex from girls.

In order to avoid these problems, the regulatory body needs to take strict measure and have an eagle’s eye on such activities. Severe punishments should be given to the ones who are daring to commit this crime.

Answers to questions:

Is there an equivalent need to educate South African boys?  Explain.

Yes, it is extremely important and equivalent to educate South African boys as they are the major source of income in the house. In South Africa, the concept of Scouts is quite famous and youth is very much interested in taking Scout as a profession thus, government needs to support that. In addition to that, not only girls are the victims of violence in South Africa, boys also faced a different sort of violence out of which the most prominent one is child labor. Boys in South Africa forced to drop from the schools and forced them to work. Measures that Oprah Winfrey has taken for girls should also be taken for the boys as well (Forbes, 2000).

 Analyze Oprah’s selection criteria for admission. Are these appropriate indicators of success? Explain.

There were three most important criteria for entry into Winfrey’s school. The first and the foremost important was that the candidate must be economically disadvantaged. South Africa is a country known for its extreme poverty level and problems, therefore; majority of the girls would meet this qualification. In addition to that, the candidate needs to prove herself as deserving candidates who have potential to learn and to go forward. Last but not the least, she must show leadership potential..............................

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