Insulin Automated Pumps Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Insulin Automated Pumps Case Solution


The insulin pump system is used to stimulate the pancreatic operations for the diabetic patients. It is a medical system that is controlled through a software. Moreover, it is an embedded system that transforms information from the sensor device after detecting the sugar level.In addition to this, it also transforms the information to devise the quantity of insulin.

It is the prior procedure of insulin injection and in accordance to that first the appropriate level of sugar level has to be identified and then for its procurement, it is necessary to inject the correct level of insulin. Hence, it is necessary to inject the appropriate level of insulin into the body, as it may cause the patient to lose their consciousness or may lead to the death in short term, however, in the long run it can cause blindness, or lead to kidney or other heart related diseases. The short term effects can be due to low glucose and long term effects can be if high level of insulin is injected.

Insulin automated Pumps

With the advancement of insulin injectors,miniatures have been launched to get rid of the serious dosages of the insulin injectors. The purpose of such miniature sensors is to detect the level of sugar in the body of the diabetic patient and then transform information to the injection to insert an appropriate level of glucose into the patient’s body.This system has generated automation of insulin delivery systems.

Evaluation of Obstacles

Automated insulin delivery systems is mechanized to the micro censor systems. This sensor is used to monitor and transform the information of glucose containing blood to the controller.The controller then identifies the amount of sugar that the blood consists. After detecting the level, the controller indicates the amount of insulin to the miniaturized pump.The procedure of sending these signals from the controller to the miniatures involves quantity of pulse. In response to one pulse, miniature responds with inserting one insulin into the body. However, if the controller transacts with 10 pulses, then the miniature responds with the 10 insulin towards the body.

The device needs to be implemented very carefully, otherwise it may lead to the death of the patient or may affect other parts of the body.Thus, the problem inherent to the device is that:

  • The device should monitor the accurate level of insulin required to the body of patient
  • Device should insert insulin when the body requires it

 Reasons of failure of Insulin

Functioning of Insulin

There are functions that notify the user of Insulin automated device. Status, thus, informs the users if the situation of sugar level is normal, then the device runs with the status of running, if the situation of body insulin becomes dangerous then the status shows warning, however, if there exists danger then the system shows error status. In this situation, the system does not analyze the sugar level.

There are three measure storage's of the computation r0, r1 and r2. These buttons help to hold computed quantity of insulin, r2 accumulates the present level of sugar analyzed, r1 stores the level of sugar computed before r2 and r0 maintains the level of sugar accumulated before r1.

A model for the insulin working system has developed that is:


This whole dilemma represents the insulin’s working and it is defined as the pump starts working after switching it on (STARTUP), it runs normally (RUN), goes out of the order due to some fault occur (MANUAL), a self–test execution occurs (TEST) and then it restarts itself for the latest phial (RESET).............

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