Innovation Lessons From 3-D Printing Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Today, 3-D printing is much in the news. Also known as "additive manufacturing "or " rapid prototyping," 3-D printing is the printing of solid, real 3D objects. Unlike machining procedures, which are not additive in nature, 3-D printing systems join together raw materials to form an object. Some see 3D printing and relevant technologies as having transformative consequences.

But in addition to 3D printing's technological implications, recent evolutions in 3 D printing offer significant management training for executive related to the varying face of industrial innovation - and what that means for companies. In this article, the authors analyze the fast appearance of a movement called open source 3-D printing and the way it fits into a general trend toward open source innovation by collaborative communities that are online. Then they discuss how present businesses can react to -and sometimes gain from – open source innovation if it occurs within their business.


This is just an excerpt. This case is about STRATEGY & EXECUTION

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Innovation Lessons From 3-D Printing

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