Infosys Consulting in 2011 Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

This case is set five years after the Stanford Graduate School of Business case "Infosys Consulting in 2006: Leading the Next Generation of Company and Information Technology Consulting." The method required quantitatively linking IC programs back to customer value on the other and to the development of shareholder value on one side. While IC brought in zero dollars of revenue in 2004, in fiscal year 2011 direct earnings hit $200 million.

Moreover, IC drove another $600 million in revenue for its India-based parent company, Infosys Technology Limited (ITL). IC in addition had an operating margin of 25 percent. The firm had developed quite rapidly - by 2011 it counted 700 advisors world-wide and 42 partners.

This quick growth provided both challenges and occasion for the new business. By comparison, IC described itself as a maverick culture, which it saw as a great asset and helped the company attract and retain top-notch advisers.


This is just an excerpt. This case is about TECHNOLOGY & OPERATIONS

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