Indus Towers: From Infancy to Maturity Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

The world’s largest telecom tower company, Indus Towers, was founded in India with the joint venture of three telecom competitors, including Bharti Airtel, Vodafone India, and Idea Cellular. To avoid the discrimination among the wireless telecom operators, these three rivals combined their telecom towers to provide “shared telecom infrastructure”.

The monopolistic approach by the CEO transformed the Indus Towers from struggling startup to a customer-oriented firm. His mission is to increase the revenue to 100 times, but to accomplish his mission, he has to consider the conflicting objectives of the company’s shareholders. There were various different requirements from all three shareholders as they were also the customers of the company. The CEO has to determine a course of actions for the board to pursue, which integrates the interests of operators.

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Indus Towers: From Infancy to Maturity

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