Scotty Smiley Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

U.S. Army Lt. Scotty smiling faces biggest challenge of his young life. What will he do to learn that the wounds from a car bomb in Iraq left him permanently blind? April 6, 2005, Lieutenant Scotty Smiley was seriously wounded by a suicide bomber while leading his infantry platoon during a combat patrol in Iraq. This biographical case which describes Scotty was before this incident, and asks readers to consider the following questions: What does this mean for the tragic event of who he is and how he will lead his life? As a consequence, the role of life crucibles play in the promotion of who we are and how we behave? "Hide
by Scott A. Snook, Doug Crandall Source: Harvard Business School 9 pages. Publication Date: September 13, 2011. Prod. #: 412058-PDF-ENG

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Scotty Smiley

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