India: The Dabhol Power Corporation (A) Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Following the fraud conspiracy conviction of its former executives Kenneth Lay and Jeffrey Skilling, the name Enron, probably long be synonymous with corporate corruption. But as it rises to a point being the sixth highest value U.S. corporation, to its rapid fall 2001? This case gives an idea of ​​the key elements of Enron in action, and also highlights the complex process of foreign direct investment in emerging economies. The case focuses on the development corporation Enron, that the hand of a complex network of subsidiaries Enron, which sought to build and operate power facilities around the world, including Argentina, Chile, the Philippines, Colombia and China. HKS Case Number 1617.0 "Hide
Shashi Verma on 12 pages. Publication Date: April 27, 2001. Prod. #: HKS070-PDF-ENG

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India: The Dabhol Power Corporation (A)

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