Insights from the New Conglomerates Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Managers should review their preconceptions about conglomerates, or more firms in the industry, as they are known, for example today have much to teach us about successful corporate strategy. We have considered the strategies of the largest conglomerates, which for a long period, practiced form. Four archetypes that are available for managers to add value to a wide portfolio of businesses. In the most efficient firms, bewildering variety of end products can dazzle the casual observer to the intense focus of headquarters and tight cohesion between the head office, business and the environment. "Hide
by Jerry Kerr, James Darroch Source: Business Horizons 15 pages. Publication Date: July 15, 2005. Prod. #: BH131-PDF-ENG

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Insights from the New Conglomerates

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