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Michael was Pyrrho health care consultant who has always dreamed of starting "Non competitive business" with a social mission. In 2006, he began Impact Makers, a new hybrid entity that crossed-profit / non-profit line. Although it was a small business, like many others (to pay competitive salaries, bidding for work, professional services at market prices), Impact Makers have several unique components: It will promote strategic consulting, and all the profit, charitable organizations, there was no not in stock and share ownership, he was a volunteer board of directors and financial information have been made public. The first two years have seen some successes and failures. Impact manufacturers have problems with growth: how to get more clients, more income, and more predictable revenue stream. How to Impact Makers increase investment capital with its unique organizational structure? And how would the company survive? "Hide
by Pat Werhane, Jenny Mead, Edward D. Hess Source: Darden School of Business 27 pages. Publication Date: January 21, 2009. Prod. #: UV1042-PDF-ENG

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