IDEO Product Development Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Describes IDEO, a leading product design company in the world, and its culture of innovation and processes. Special attention is paid to the important role of prototypes and experiments in general, and in the design of a highly successful Palm V handheld computers in particular. Studio leader asked business start (Handspring), to develop a new handheld (Visor) for less than half the time it took to develop a Palm V, requiring several shortcuts to the innovation process in the legendary IDEO. Focused on: 1) the creation of prototypes and experimental practices in leading product development, 2) the role of playfulness, discipline and structure in the innovation process, and 3) management challenges of creating and managing an unusually creative and innovative corporate culture. Includes color exhibits.
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by Stefan Thomke Source: HBS Premier Case Collection 21 pages. Publication Date: June 22, 2000. Prod. #: 600143-PDF-ENG

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