Hillside Hospital: Physician-Led Planning “The CEO’s Dilemma” Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Hillside Hospital: Physician-Led Planning “The CEO’s Dilemma” Case Study Solution


Hillside is a 300+ bed full service general hospital in the large city of Southeastern, Riverbend. It is a non-profit hospital built in 1930 by the aegis of the Trinitarian that was a religious organization. The hospital has been providing many health care facilities, and it has 35 departments, each has been assigned its own resources and physicians. The hospital’s success was due to the rising growth of the city, but due to increased competition, and new entrants into the market such which include both commercial hospitals and non-profit hospitals have created concern for physicians and hospital’s management.

It is a concern of the physicians that hospital lacks the vision and the strategic approach to market, and it cannot identify the potential opportunities in the market. On the other hand, the hospitals suffering from major problems such as declining number of patients in the hospital, and decreasing trust of physicians over the management which has forced the physicians to operate separate from the hospital. Meanwhile, hospital was also losing its strengths given that it would address the weaknesses. It has become a major challenge for the hospital that how can it eliminate these direct and indirect threats.


The management lack to identify the potential threats and opportunities that exist due to the lack of understanding, collaboration, and communication between the management and physicians. So, the problem with the leadership at Hillside is that it has not cleared the vision for future that has created barriers for the hospital to expand its operations and improve healthcare facilities to stop deteriorating its market share, and enable it to manage its relations with the physicians more effectively.

SWOT Analysis


The hospital has 38 different departments with 24-hour emergency services which makes it different from other non-profit companies. It also has the largest hand surgery services in the state, and it is well received by the physicians because the hospital has a faith based mission with high quality physicians. Meanwhile, hospital is also well regarded by the physicians due to its attachment to religious organization. These qualified physicians are the strengths of the hospital for providing strong clinical services. See appendices for SWOT


Hospital has many strengths that could eliminate and address many of its weaknesses with its current strengths. So, the primary weakness for the hospital is the lack of vision and capacity to identify the opportunities into the market, and utilize them effectively for the purpose of compensating the physicians, and ensuring growth of the hospital. But, it could not manage the declining market share, and could not compete with new competitors having new technology, and well qualified staff and physicians. Similarly, hospital has old equipment, shortage of physicians, and unclear strategy for future and an outdated profile. See appendices for SWOT


Hospital has many opportunities such as to improve the health care facilitation system, and increase competition in the market and recapture the market share. It has a big advantage that it is located near a large population and it could leverage its position, and could increase the number of physicians by partnering them and allowing them in making decision because they know the problem better than the management itself. Therefore, hospital also has the opportunity to get a better payoff by recapturing market share by expanding its quality of services, and operations. See appendices for SWOT


Hospital has been facing numerous threats. The rising competition has increased complications for the hospital because the number of patients visiting the hospital has been declining and physicians are also departing from the hospital due to lack of effective management and strategic approach to issues. Many hospitals who have captured the share of Hillside Hospital, among them non-profit hospitals are on the top of the list. So, the Hillside Hospital canutilize the opportunities to address and eliminate the threats that ithas been facing in the market. See appendices for SWOT.....................

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