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The paper basically discusses the different topics that have been explored in the text Strategy for sustainability: A Business Manifesto by Adam Werbach. The idea behind the reflective paper is to discuss the major concepts and discussions that have been made in the paper.

The assignment inspires and motivates the concepts and the sensible understanding of the assigned readings. Moreover, the paper also explains the concepts of sustainability and reflects upon each of them based on the organization of the personal sustainability program.

The paper shall also reflect upon the personal thoughts and opinions on all the assignment readings where the paper shall discuss the different concepts of the book. The paper shall apply the concepts of the text on the business that shall be explored in the paper.


Sustainability is basically the capacity to endure; it is also the concept as to how the biological system has remained diverse and also productive. The element of looking to make sure that people do not actually try to exploit the environment is all about sustainability. It is the concept where the different aspects of keeping the environment healthy and safe are the element of being sustainable.

The element of sustainability includes the four domains that are politics, economics, ecology and the culture. It is the study of sustainable development and the environmental science. It has been a growing concept where different firms have been looking to bring in the element of being sustainable by looking to protect the environment and by reducing the emission of radiations (Ratner, 2004).

Emission of unfriendly, unhealthy rays has been the major issue which has been prevailing in firms where they emit radiations that are unhealthy for the environment. Sustainability is all about making sure that the firm is aligned with the objective of being sustainable in the market while being user friendly also. Sustainability has become competitive advantage for firms, companies that have been able to provide sustainable elements within the firms have been more successful than others.

Need for Business Sustainability

Business sustainability has been defined as managing the triple bottom line which is a process by which companies actually manage and handle the social, financial and environmental risk and obligations and the different opportunities associated to it. Business sustainability focuses on three integral aspects which include the profits, the planet and the people.

By actually focusing on all the three aspects of sustainability a competent business firm that is aligned with the element of sustainability is discussed. Business sustainability is also to create and economic environment that helps to contribute towards the success of the healthy ecosystem and the combination of stronger business communities.

It does not necessarily have to discuss those elements that relate to better ecosystem, but in fact sometimes it is all about managing the business also. The companies have been in constant check and balance and control aspect where they try to convince the people about the element of being sustainable. The companies in modern world look o actually restrict themselves from using products, services, raw materials that actually hamper the idea of business sustainability and overall idea of being green environment (Feenstra, 2002).

Seven tenets

Business case for Sustainability

I have been running my own business. Basically I own a food service business at an international airport where I live. My restaurant basically offers in flight kitchen and it is also offering on board catering business for the international and domestic flights.

My restaurant has been quite a compact one where my major course of business is to offer high quality food to the customers. I have basically rented the place and I operate my business over there.

I have been offering a unique menu where I offer special products for each menu or each time of the meal. Since my main and the only customers are those people that fly or are on board there the element of being sustainable is my major task and a responsibility which I ensure my restaurant looks after carefully.

My business is quite a successful one as  I have been given a contract for three years by the airline management. I even offer snacks for the visiting people who wait for their passengers. The paper shall explore the concept of the business that has been run by me and I shall explain the concepts of the book regarding sustainability and look to put them in my business....................

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