High Acres Landfill Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

High Acres Landfill Case Solution

On the other hand, many people complained regarding the services provided by High Acres Landfill as they believed that the land was subjected to high odors with lack of cleaning facilities, which should be provided to the visitors. However, their concepts were ignored at the end because it was analyzed that the entrance area was filled with the planted land and had other cleaning facilities to satisfy the new visitors, who would be able to judge the operations of disposable wastages. Thus, it is determined that the property was considering the same operations in the next ten years and did not change its activity based process of how to collect the wastes and to bury the mat a certain period of time.

Furthermore, it had decided that the land would be used for amusement activities, which included parks, picnics and other recreational areas for the enjoyment of people. However, the proposal was only an idea of how the land would be produced in a given time period of ten tens after the execution of all the wastages, which the landowners committed with the commercial businesses and citizens. On the other hand, state and federal regulations were considering increasing the operating activities that a land would perform in the near future subjected to relocate the accurate non-permeable liners.

From the analysis, it is concluded that the main source of income for such business comes from the fees that would be charged from the users including the commercial businesses and the citizens near to the land area (New York). Therefore, in order to determine the importance of a particular business, it should be identified that the land would be based on the clean operations excluded the odors by the arrival of the trucks of wastes.

If the people would take survey of such place, then they would be satisfied with the services and should be willing to provide wastes in order to know that such operational activities would also generate methane gas, which is the primary source for every household as well as for business use. Thus, with all these opportunities, it has been indicated that the business should be properly placed and should not be in a condition to relate several times in order to protect the ground water.

Case Analysis

State and federal regulations affects system designs

Excluding the operational activities, which would be performed by the state and federal regulations, it had identified that the land would be used for the amusement activities and not considering a control of regulations instead of focusing on the same path of operations similar to 10 years of projections.Therefore, the effect of these regulators would be based on the relocated area or to make certain changes internally of the particular land that might have an effect on the commercial businesses subjected to the leakage of liquid into the ground water.......................

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