Orion Controls (B) Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Avion is interested in a new valve to control the volatile phenol production process. Avion and Orion deal for Orion, to try to make these valves. There is time, engineering and software restrictions that make valve redesign project venture. Case (UVA-QA-0602) consists of a core of the decision tree that was used as the entrance, the analysis of solutions and the basic material for the exam. Case to rewrite the two previous cases (QA-0480 and CC-0481). In those cases, the key issues surrounding the planning of projects, leading to a deeper understanding of where you need to plan in the first place. It is fixed and planning issues are less calculation intensive and more interesting. In case, you have two options: one, students usually see and one they do not. In the event consists of a series of rapid changes in the situation, which leads to a completely different structure of solutions and requirements for the simulation (or other equipment to handle the introduction of continuous uncertainty). In this case also has an excellent real option embedded in the issue around which the whole class can be built. Because the evaluation is continuous option problem becomes one of finding the optimal estimated value at which the performance is interrupted by a program of modernization. "Hide
by Sherwood C. Frey, Dana Clyman Source: University of Virginia Darden School Foundation 2 pages. Publication Date: November 1, 2002. Prod. #: UV3857-PDF-ENG

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Orion Controls (B)

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