Hidesign: Leather Heritage or Lifestyle Brand Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Hidesign case addresses the issues facing the company niche fashion in pursuit of its next phase of growth. After three decades, offers a portfolio of leather products, founder and president of Hidesign Hidesign has decided to expand the portfolio to include skinless categories of products, such as sunglasses and pens. Advertising campaign slogan - ". Leather Crafted forgot the way." - Did Hidesign position as a quality brand of leather accessories. Hidesign position as its new range of products? If different slogans to be used for its skin and leather products? If Hidesign end slogans at all? Can the decision to extend the brand skinless product categories dilute its carefully cultivated core personality? Or, perhaps, this decision will help to transform Hidesign lifestyle brand of fashion? "Hide
by Suresh Kotha Source: Richard Ivey School of Business Foundation 16 pages. Publication Date: July 11, 2012. Prod. #: W12053-PDF-ENG

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Hidesign: Leather Heritage or Lifestyle Brand

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