Henry Tam and the MGI Team Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Within a short period of time, seven different members of the team are going to write a business plan for the new company and struggle to define their role, make decisions together, and resolve conflict. There's Henry, a second-year Harvard MBA student who joins a beginner start-up companies and fellow classmate enter school business plan competition. The founders of the company are two experienced international musicians and the 1987 Harvard MBA, all Russian, who is trying to create, produce and sell unique computer play music. The conflict is constructed as a team creates a number of ideas on how to sell their products, but has problems with the agreement, which ideas to pursue. Henry Tam is struggling with how to fix the problems that hinder the progress of the team. "Hide
by Jeffrey T. Polzer, Ingrid Vargas, Hillary Anger Elfenbein Source: HBS Premier Case Collection 17 pages. Publication Date: October 20, 2003. Prod. #: 404068-PDF-ENG

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Henry Tam and the MGI Team

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