Heartbreak Estates Vineyard & Winery Ltd. Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Glimpse of Case Study


The Bennett and Robertson LLP (BR) is a firm primarily operating in providing tax, audit, accounting and advisory services to its clients. The Jean Bennett is one of the partners of BR is the advisor and consultant of Heartbreak Estates Vineyard and Winery Ltd in our case study which is seeking to exploit market opportunity in order to strengthen its position in the market arena. The company has contemplated to take advices on growthof company into medium sizedvineyard and winery. The decision should be made regardingprice and distribution of product.Since the ultimate purpose of HEVW is to become a premium wine company in the market and to compete at the edge with its competitors.

The demand for premium wine is supposed to be increased in forthcoming years because the wealth of the residents tends to be accumulated over theperiod of time. In addition, the wine is a most preferable beverage and the demand for wine would is high.Furthermore, the wine related tourism have leveraged $1.2 billion in recent annual revenue & employment of the country.

An Introduction to HEVW and Industry

HEVW is limited vineyard companylocated in Ontario, it is privately held and one quarter of the land is used for the planting of grapes, the grapes have reached to the level of awe as the grapes produced are of high Quality Pinot Noir Grapes. The organization is currently run by a couple Andrew and Jenny Heartwood.

The pinot noir grape tends to make the red wine sexy, fruity, silky, complex and bold. It is one of the element of sparkling wine. The organizationhas also won Gold Pinot Noir Award in 2017.

As the demand for wines have been increasing consistently, the domestic consumption of per capital wine in Canada is 15 liter per day. The statistics of wine industry have shown that there is a potential in market to offer exceptional quality wine to the residents and fulfil their growing demand. The growing demand for wine can be estimated as the consumption of wine tend to accounted for 15.8% of total sales of alcohol. The people are highly demanding for red wine and their proportion is 59% in Canada which is more than enough. The premium wines are supposedly be recognized by vintner quality alliance (VQA), which is reasonable to take a closer look over wine making and harvest procedure in order to ensure quality of wines.The most preferable wines in Canada are Cabernet Franc, Marechal Foch, cabernet sauvignon, and Merlot and Pinot Noir.

Vision and Mission Statement of HEVW

Following are some mission and visionsof Heartbreak Estates Vineyard and Winery;

  • Togrow the finest grapes and to attract number of people through harvesting grapes of differenceand excellence.
  • The mission of the company is to harvest grapes through using hand and farming methods in order to ensure their quality and taste tend to be maintained.
  • Combining state-of-the-art grapeharvesting and producing technologies and farming methods would help in succeeding the award winning pinot noir which have made the brand differentiated and popular all around the world.................

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