Aiming for the Top: iTOPS or India Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

"In August 2010 Phaneesh Murphy, chief executive officer (CEO), IGATE Global Solutions (IGATE), was on a flight to India. He thought about the strategic options in front of him in recent years, in connection with the future IGATE. Variants were twice . IGATE must continue to focus on its traditional markets of America and the European Union (EU), or whether it needs to change the track to focus on India? U.S. and EU markets grew by less than four per cent since 2008, and it is likely to last until 2013. Nevertheless, IGATE product was developed to meet the specific needs of customers in developed countries that are facing economic downturn. known as iTOPS, he showed promise added to both top line and bottom line IGATE. IT services market in India has grown by an average of 14.5 per cent over the period 2008-2013. promise of revenue growth drew many global BPO company in India. IGATE be just another player in India with a plain vanilla offerings and without any differentiation. domestic market was competitive. commercialization of their products and services BPO was, of course, it became possible to develop products tailored to Indian needs, but there was no such IGATE. offers in the pipeline is in this context that Murti is interesting that he would continue the strategy: iTOPS or India " "Hide
by Hari Bapuji Source: Richard Ivey School of Business Foundation 20 pages. Publication Date: August 25, 2011. Prod. #: W11135-PDF-ENG

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Aiming for the Top: iTOPS or India

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