Harrah’s Entertainment Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Harrah’s Entertainment Case Solution

Problem statement:

The competitors provided more facilities of the customers as compare to Harrah’s entertainment  and many parameters as they are ahead of Harrah’s. The company needs to decide that how could they maintain the upper hand in drawing in new clients, holding the current one furthermore getting back the lost clients.

Situation analysis:

From the case analysis, it is expected that the client loyalty was considered as their core competency and the management was more focused to retain the customers because customers are the main base of every business. Moreover, the stock price of Hurrah was increased by 100% over the last year. Hurrah's IT infrastructure and business applications are secured comprehensive data on client exercises, investigation of information, and special exercises taken up in light of the information accumulated. It was identified that the company was highly dependent on CRM to get new customers and retain the previous one.

Furthermore, Hurrah's Entertainment gives a case of remarkable information resource influence in the administration area, concentrating on how this improvement engages world-class advantage through customer association administration.

The higher management of the company is an earlier procedures instructor who has utilized data innovation to create the best possible marketing association in the management business. On the off chance that ever required a motivator to push for cross-disciplinary considering, Love man gives it.

The company has used its data controlled capacity to move from a furthermore participated cable of the club to transformed into the greatest gaming association by wage. The firm works some fifty-three clubhouses, using more than eighty-five thousand laborers on five fundamental grounds. The brands are associated with different name tags and spreader in many countries such as, Paris Las Vegas and Caesars Fort. Under Love man, the company have accommodatingly believed challengers, the organization's $9.4 billion buyouts of Caesars energy being its greatest game plan to date.

The pest analysis reveals that the gaming business was productive in the late 1990's and early 2000's as with gambling legalized, more customers visited casinos in the U.S.

The customers were attracted to riverboats in states like Iowa and Louisiana, specifically due to gambling clubs in Detroit and New Orleans, and clubhouses in various states. Technology provided the means to track customers’ gaming favorites, occurrence then denominating of play and gaming incomes generated. In addition to this, the casino’s management was able to reward customers to profit from their gaming.

Furthermore, the scenario of the company was no different. The management was enjoying the 100% increase in stock price in the year 2000 in the previous year. The primary driver of this was the success of their marketing efforts, which were targeted at the low-roller segment. The investment was put into info technology to predict "customer worth" in future accuracy. Moreover, Hurrah's strategy was to focus on target customers to build customer loyalty by rewarding them appropriately,and providing quality administration was an essential refinement from the contenders.

Swot analysis:


  • 100% growth in benefits over earlier year
  • Customer commitment activities
  • Organization structures underscoring organization responsibility for instead of individual properties
  • Advertising campaign in view of research
  • Provide unrivaled client benefit

Quantitative models to foresee the future worth of players


  • Far behind competitors in facilities
  • It is around 50-years old making across-the- board facility upgrades difficult and exclusive.

Harrah’s Entertainment Harvard Case Solution & Analysis




  • Proceed with the interest in business intelligence to distance the company from competitors and make the differentiation in the market.
  • Utilize a segment of benefits to repair properties in the major markets.


  • Contenders putting resources into prevalent/fresher offices to redirect the customer towards their brand
  • Copycat marketing by entrants
  • Internet gaming was being indulged into by many people in U.S.

Strategic alternatives:

  1. Customer relationship management
  2. invest in the properties..........

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