Halloran metal Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Halloran metal Case Solution

Problem statement:

The company had faced the economic difficulties in the U.S. steel industry. It had declined the profits and disappeared the business expanding opportunities. Moreover, the competitors were performing better service regarding low-price and high business segments.

Alternatives solutions:

  1. Diversify the product portfolio
  2. Enhance and sustain its brand image
  3. Market segmentation

Evaluation of alternatives:

1.      Diversify the product’s portfolio:

From the case analysis, it was expected that the company had limited the investment and product expansion due to economic difficulties and the existing products were shrink by many wholesalers because of low profits. To overcome this situation, the company could increase the variety of products to target the different market segments and increase the sales. Moreover, it was identified that the company had many resources and high technical machinery in the workplace that was used for limited production.

Furthermore,it was expected that Halloran metal had many years of experience in the market and the industry highly appreciated their current products. Moreover, the company had many loyal customers and service centers.


  • High sales
  • More revenue
  • Business expansion opportunities


  • High investment
  • Extra labor and space

2.      Enhance and sustain Brand Image:

It was estimated that the Allied steel and aluminum was the largest competitor of Halloran metal. It had provided the same facilities to the customers that divide the sales. Moreover, the company had less marketing and advertisement strategies as compared to its competitors.

In addition to this, the company should increase the quality of product and their service to increase the sales and make loyal customers. Furthermore, the brand differentiation indicates the brand equity of the company. In other words, the management should create the unique quality products that would help to make the differentiation among the competitors.

Furthermore, the company should allocate the warehouses near the branches so, it could be easy for workers to deliver the products within the day and increase the distribution turnover.


  • Brand image
  • Quality service
  • Long-term relationship


  • High rivalry
  • High potential affords

3.      Market segmentation:

The market segmentation refers to the investment in other businesses to create the market share. It includes the collaboration with the different organization to generate the profit and increase the consumption of products.

The company should sell their byproducts to different companies that have potential usage of the byproducts so, that the company could attain the higher economies of scale adding to the existing revenues and better equipped itself from any harmful situation in future......................

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