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Current Situation

As Habitat is a non-profit organization the main aim is “Build sustainable houses to the Families who could not afford and provide the affordable houses without any discrimination”. The organization operates various operations regarding the building of sustainable shelters (houses) for those families who cannot afford their houses due to financial issues and other environmental issues.

The organization has various collaborations and partnerships with other organizations including Hilti Foundation which ensures sustainable houses for needy families. Furthermore, Habitat for Humanity renovates damaged houses and provides safe and affordable houses to affected families.

Current Performance

Habitat for humanity plays a key role in the providing the support to the families in 2020 the whole world was facing a pandemic due to which the people were suffering from various economic, health and other crises however Habitat for Humanity show its performance during which the organization provide affordable houses, Sustainable and stable houses and aid the millions of immigrants across numerous countries and play a precarious part across the globe in the survives of over millions of individuals as well as families people.

The organization launches its 6th yearly “Home is the Key” movement to promote wakefulness about the necessity for reasonably priced accommodation housing as well as raising the funds to support and aid people to acquire solidity via the shelter. While Habitat for humanity initiated the campaign in which the four partners of the organization join this campaign i-e Home, The Home Décor Superstore, Rocket Mortgage, U.S. Bank and Carrier to help and support the mission of the organization in building homes, community and hope in the U.S. around the world.

During the month of April, the four companion groups and organizations are creating unpretentious monetary donations and aids to Habitat as well as notifying their clients and workers about the significance of reasonable ownership of the houses. i.e. Heart Media including HGTV are building a partnership with organization to strengthen essential notes and messages via mass media, digital, Newspapers and radio. Local and Regional organizations of Habitat for Humanity from corner to corner of the country will also keep essential devotion formalities in confluence with the slogan of  “Home is the Key” to make merry the new ownership’ accomplishment.

Annual Performance of Habitat for Humanity

The annual report indicates contributors’ never-ending support and care maintenance of the organizational task and targets, as well as Habitat’s persistent devotion to global stewardship. The statement reports Three millions of US Dollars in income to the organization for sustainable housing while calculations show that around 2.3 billion of US dollars in total revenue throughout Habitat’s international associated system of United States and worldwide organizations. At Habitat for Humanity International, database expenses accounted for 78 percent of total expenditures, together with the transmission of over US$120 M in cash and contributed results to Habitat organizations from across the globe.

In FY2021, The Organization had shared overall income of $2.3 billion and the total net remaining assists of around of $3.2 billion. Furthermore various funds are generated through donations and contributions, gifts-in-kind, and sales of homes and are distributed for use in additional fundraising and programming, advocacy, general management, and international advocacy (Habitat for Humanity Annual Report, 2021).

Strategic Posture

The strategic plan paly an essential role in the development of the organization and the efficient strategic plan or posture of the organization ensures the qualitative products and operations towards their customers. As every organization and company has certain aims and objectives on the bases of which the organization perform its operations.

Habitat for Humanity had a strategic plan for 2021- 2025 which mainly focus to provide qualitative and affordable as well as safe shelters in the form of houses and other to their customers. The strategic posture of Habitat for Humanity is consist of the main objectives, Current mission, Strategies, policies and aims of Habitat for Humanity.

According to the report of the United Nations, there are 90 percent of metropolises and cities across the globe do not afford reasonably priced accommodation of satisfactory class, the World Economic Forum. The World Health Organization states those living in poor conditions “are exposed to more significant personal and environmental health threats, are less well-nourished, have fewer data and are less competent to access health care, thus they have a more elevated threat of disease and disability”. The United Nations calculates that 1 billion population around the world live in colloquial settlements, and 600 million more do not have sufficient housing.

While the Habitat for Humanity launches various national and international programs in collaboration with various other organizations which include Carrier, Home, Hilti Foundation and other organizations in the providing the sustainable operations to the needy families across the world….

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