H-Soft (B-2): Vikram Sharma Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Siddharth Kapoor, CEO and the Founder of H-Soft Mumbai, reflected on his meetings as he walked out of VC Ventures' offices in Mumbai. Of pitching his startup to a number of different investors after a couple of months, he finally had a term sheet in hand. Despite this enormous milestone, Kapoor knew it was just the start of a long process of raising money.

He only had to get back to Sharma and suggest if he would like to initiate the diligence process. While he was familiar with some of the terms venture capital investors get in their contracts, many others were totally foreign to him. Which terms were not unimportant? He also knew that money was just part of what the venture capital investors brought to the table. Was VC Ventures the appropriate partner for his business? Kapoor understood he had a busy few days ahead of him before getting back to Vikram Sharma as he thought through all these questions.


This is just an excerpt. This case is about INNOVATION & ENTREPRENEURSHIP

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H-Soft (B-2): Vikram Sharma

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