“Governance and Sustainability at Nike (A)” Harvard Case Solution & Analysis


            The case basically looks to discuss and explore the issues which the company Nike has been facing regarding the corporate responsibility and the element of sustainability. Nike Inc. has been a United States based firm that has earned revenue of more than $20 billion for the financial year 2011 which has been the largest athletic footwear firm and apparel company in the world.

            The company has been committed and dedicated to provide high quality products for the athlete around the world. Moreover, the company has been offering high quality services and products that are used by sportsmen around the globe. Along with this, Nike has also been a committed firm that has been looking to build deeper connection with the community.

            Nike has also been looking to develop certain plans which it has looked to target in the coming period. Hence, the case basically looks to discuss the challenges that have occurred which has created obstacles and hindrances for the company to achieve its targets in the coming time (Lynn, S.  2013).

            As the case states, Nike as an organization has been facing quite a few challenges regarding the element of corporate responsibility and sustainability. Along with this, the company has faced the issue of global supply chain and the sustainability innovation which has been a long term growth prospect for Nike.

Nike therefore, has looked to design eleven sets of targets which can be achieved by the firm in the fiscal year 2015 to 2020. The long term goals for the company is to achieve the process of sustainability, pursuing innovation, embracing transparency and to even achieve long term goals for the firm (Lynn, S.  2013).

The case even looks to provide the targets that have been set by the firm and the overall commitment and dedication of the firm to achieve the targets. Therefore, in order to transform the company, it generally requires investment which may even lead to loss of revenues.

With this issue on hand, Jones and Sprunk has looked to address the area which needs to be targeted; moreover the two leaders even have to select the most feasible option that shall be presented to the CR committee.

The two members therefore have decided to set the strategy which shall be used by the company in the coming fiscal year. Moreover, the company even has to decide whether it shall focus on either of the two options, one should focus on investing in the improved today; the second one is to focus on the design of the future.

The two leaders, Sprunk and Jones have looked to identify the areas that shall require the focus in the future. Therefore, the paper basically looks to present complete analysis of the whole situation. Moreover, the paper shall identify the potential alternatives; recommended solution and an implementation plan for the company moving forward in the future (Lynn, S.  2013).

Presenting the Facts

            Nike has been a brand that has looked to contently upgrade itself and develop a long term sustainable competitive advantage for itself. The company has been quite attractive in terms of achieving customers’ satisfaction in sportswear.

            The brand name of the firm has been its major success factor which is regarded as a sustainable attribute for the firm. Moreover, the company has looked to achieve the element of sustainability by fulfilling its corporate social responsibility. The company has looked to constantly provide its workers with working conditions that shall favor them in achieving the long term objectives of the firm (Laszlo, 2011).

“Governance and Sustainability at Nike (A)” Case Solution

            Moreover, the company has even looked to eliminate the effect of using harmful chemicals that can affect the health of the workers. Therefore, it can consider that the firm Nike has actually constantly looked to provide an environment to the employees which are sustainable and corporate friendly. The company Nike has to actually find ways where it can overcome the emission of hazardous chemicals through effective supply chain strategy which for now does not seem to be aligned with CSR.

However, in spite of being one of the most successful firms in sportswear and athlete wear, the firm in spite of constant efforts has been unable to bring in the element of corporate social responsibility and sustainability within the firm.

            The firm has been spending quite a large amount to achieve and ensure a sustainable and eco friendly environment for the employees, which has still been a difficult attribute for the firm (Lynn, S.  2013).....................

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