A Telemedicine Opportunity or Distraction? Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

A Telemedicine Opportunity or Distraction? Case Solution

Case Analysis: A Telemedicine Opportunity or Distraction?

Case Synopsis

 Various factors contributed towards the personal and professional differences experienced between Ferrel and Schwamm. The latter, a medical doctor, felt that Ferrel's business management professional never allowed him to understand the workload at the disposal of the nurses, pediatricians, and other physicians. From an information sciences perspective, Ferrel had an excellent understanding of the TeleStroke machine and telemedicine equipment required for video conferencing among other virtual services. Each time an improvement of the same took place, it meant doctors and nurses had to assume additional responsibilities to make optimum use of the telemedicine equipment. Ferrel, Glaser, and Schwamm were partners in the hospital, and decision-making had to be a collective process. Massachusetts, Maine, and New Hampshire Hospital Stroke services were primarily pilot projects, and the Partners TeleStroke Program needed the advantage of the same to provide consistent telemedicine services to the target population (Gogan & Garfield, 2016). Logistically, the services had to improve in case a mother and child both needed the pediatric and stroke care within an emergency department. This explains why Ferrel proposed the expansion of the telemedicine service, which Schwamm considered a huge distraction. The nurses, doctors, and the IT departments already dealt with Tele Stroke software that required upgrading. They had much to do, and it was impossible that increasing the human resources would earn the hospital enough profit to serve the patients.

Strategy Analysis

Business Model  

TeleStroke is one of the best business partnerships that have been in existence in this region. It is a partnership, considering the fact that some of the doctors and the directors at the facility are even considered to be partners with this same business as well. It is a business that has been more than focused to collect the highest amount of funds that they can come through. It is through this that the firm can attain more resources; this is usually so because almost each member of the business works even way harder towards making sure that the firm finally gets to succeed as well. The financial goal of this health facility is to be able to access the best clients who can spur the business to further success. It is something that is finally seen in the market by looking at the kind of services that the said business has offered to grant the society in general. This is a group where people must always come out clean, and the best result that one can be able to achieve is customer satisfaction.

Major Business Strategies

The best business plan that was put in place was the application of the better information systems as to be able to go to the operations and services that have been established. The hospital is trying to make sure that it does have the best communication  strategies such that it cannot be frustrated entirely by whichever group that gets into this market at any one point. The people do love the company for the fact that they are more than just committed to making sure that their customers always get to receive nothing more other than the best from them at all times.

The other strategy that has been implemented is the advancement of the customer service. This company relies on this factor as one of its strongholds and it is making sure that it gets to reward their consumers, so that they feel they loyal to the business throughout. This is what motivates them stay with the firm because they are confident that at the end of the day, the market will be quite positive about the changes that they have made through time as they all intended for the best too...................

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