Go2xpert Ltd.: Finding the Right China Strategy Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

In January 2000, when the Internet boom sweeping Hong Kong, Nelson Siu and some friends started a set of Web site called Go2xpert. After the Internet bubble burst, Siu and his colleagues have changed their business strategy. They saw an opportunity in a market niche by Hong Kong companies in Mainland China to recruit professionals. However, Siu was soon in business cul-de-sac to do this kind of business, primarily due to the complicated immigration procedures and requirements of professionals moving to the mainland to Hong Kong. They had to change the strategy again, but in which direction? Shows how Hong Kong SME entrepreneurs can find the right opportunities offered by the Chinese market. Sheds light on how SMEs need to change strategy, manage their operations, and market their business to make the best use of the rapidly changing business environment. "Hide
by Ali Simon Lam, Vincent Mak, Pauline Ng Source: University of Hong Kong, 5 pages. Publication Date: August 11, 2004. Prod. #: HKU285-PDF-ENG

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Go2xpert Ltd.: Finding the Right China Strategy

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