Genedata Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Venture Evaluation provides an independent assessment of Genedata, a Swiss start-up companies to help Novartis Venture Fund to analyze and structure the next round of funding. Venture estimates in a short time of investment, is to set up the evaluation process, using both quantitative and qualitative data to meet the needs of clients. The case describes the background Genedata, its product portfolio, competitive positioning, and the issues that must be addressed in the near future. Purpose of study: This case is part of a series of three case to engage the audience on issues related to the assessment start a biotechnology company, one of the most speculative and volatile market, "Hide
. by Benoit Leleux, Atul Pahwa Source: IMD 7 pages. Publication Date: June 12, 2006. Prod. #: IMD249-PDF-ENG

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