Gender Wage Gap Harvard Case Solution & Analysis


Gender wage gap is the difference between percentage of wages earned by men and percentage of wages earned by women. Despite of progress in the fight of gender equality in the workplace, women continue to face broad range of difficulties. The best practice to reduce gender wages gap is the gender pay equity practice that help to ensure that the men and women performing the same or different work are paid the same amount(Rubery, 1995).

The company should apply following practices that need to achieve the gender equity pay. First, the company should determine the level of knowledge, skills, abilities, responsibilities and value to the organization for each job, in order to eradicate the disparities between the males and females jobs that are comparable in complexity and physical risks. Second, are the job evaluation methods such as global method and analytical method. The first method compares jobs and classifies them according to the job requirement. However, this approach undervalued the female jobs because it does not allow for identification and elimination of the influence of prejudices and stereotypes.

The second job evolution method is the best approach to reduce the gender gap because this method systematically examine, evaluate and compare jobs, using common and precise and detailed decision criteria. This method of job evaluation also comprises of four factors such as qualification, efforts, responsibilities, and conditions under which the work is performed. This method also known as gender-neutral evaluation method.

Third, the company should monitor promotions, bonuses, and raises to ensure they are bias-free. In order to make the company bias-free, the management of the organization recommend opportunities to increase skills of employees that affect advancement such as management training and development. Apart from that both gender should be given access to similar wage increase and add-ons pay such as bonuses and medical allowances. The company should also provide opportunities for women such as, pregnancy leave, child day care center, or child birth medical allowances.

Forth, the company should determine that the wage is based on relevant variable such as market value, job experience, and employee’s performance rating. This approach will help the manager to adjust the pay of the employees according to the projected pay and if any error occurs the manager will provide explanation on the difference(Lips, 2003).

Fifth, the company should set up the remuneration review committee, to determine the role and responsibilities of the people managers, human resource managers, and employees in the remuneration process and also to check whether the company is paying equal to both the genders.

Sixth, the company should maintain and develop a diversity in the workplace because it is a set of conscious practices that involve understanding and appreciating the interdependence of humanity, cultures, natural environment and lead the company to remove gender discrimination. The company must ensure that the bench marking, monitoring and evaluation practices should not affect the organizational gender wage allocation.

Gender Wage Gap Case Solution

Seventh, the company should be transparent in terms of what they are doing in hiring and promoting process. Effective decision making helps the company to satisfy the employees and remove gender wage bias. Further, post the numbers and keep track the progress in terms of how the company is making policies in order to reduce discrimination and developing diversity at workplace.

 Moreover, In order to improve the women’s earning and reduce the gender earing gap, the women need enhanced efforts to ensure, non-discriminatory hiring and pay practices, better orientation and training, career planning and counseling and improve balance between work and family life. Apart from that the company should conduct an open discussion meeting, in which all employees will get a chance to discuss about the pay increases or equal pay, and also allow women to negotiate effectively(Kahn, 1992).

Lastly, The Paycheck Fairness Act would decrease the pay secrecy, give women better tools to address the pay discrimination and make it more challenging for the companies to pay males workers more than female worker. However, by elimination discrimination when it comes to wages, lead the employers to create fairer working environment. Respect, equality and fairness among employees are essential components of building cooperative and harmonious workplace and lead the company to achieve more profits in the near future(DM Wilson, 1998).............

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